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Energy-efficient complete solutions for quick and safe operations

4Ddoors offers Dock Levellers to allow for more efficient loading and unloading of stock and goods for warehouses and factories. Efficient loading is only possible when the load is moved in or out of the lorry in a single horizontal movement. 4Ddoors dock levellers with their particularly flat transitions are the ideal solution to compensate for the difference in height between different lorry loading surfaces and the loading platform.

Efficient loading concepts thanks to the energy-saving loading features such as thermally insulated doors running in front of the dock leveller, improving the insulation especially outside usage of the dock levellers or the loading times. The DOBO system not only facilitates the docking of the lorry, but also allows closed cold chains, since the lorry doors are opened only after docking. This saves not only valuable energy but also protects any stock that needs to remain in a set temperature controlled environment.

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  • Loading technology inside the buildingClick for more...

    For interior solutions, the door usually closes on the dock leveller, so that in temperature controlled buildings unnecessary energy losses through the dock leveller are prevented. With a door running in front of the dock leveller and an insulated panel under the dock leveller, the 4Ddoors Dock Levellers offer the following advantages:

    • Improved thermal insulation: The heat loss outside of the loading time is minimised.
    • Protection against weather conditions: warehouse staff are well protected behind the door.

    Dock Levellers in the building require:

    • Correctly dimensioned and equipped fitting pits
    • A reliable building connection in the concrete
  • Loading technology in front of the buildingClick for more...

    The exterior solution, in which the dock leveller is placed in front of the building in a loading house, impresses with the following advantages:

    • Optimal thermal insulation: The door closes the building and minimises energy loss, especially when loading is not taking place.
    • Maximum utilised space: The building can be fully used up to the door.
    • Simple modernisation: A complete loading bay can be added to the building without costly reconstruction measures.

    Loading houses require:

    • Space in front of the building: Loading houses limit the manoeuvring space in front of the building. An angled arrangement can increase the space.
    • Protection against weather conditions: We recommend galvanized dock levellers in outdoor areas.
Loading Technology



  • Intelligent details for optimum connectionClick for more...

    Reliable anchoring of 4Ddoors dock levellers in the building structure is a basic requirement for lasting function. Intelligent fitting details support fitting by casting up to a casting height of 250 mm: with screw-in adjustment angles, the dock leveller can be easily levelled.
    Particularly stable flat anchors enable a permanently stable connection. Ventilation slots in the edge bracket reliably prevent weak points in the building connection, since the air can escape when compacting the concrete.

  • Long service life and soft transitionsClick for more...

    High loading forces occur at dock levellers, especially at the rear in the hinge area. For safe and long-lasting operation, the connection to the building structure must be carried out perfectly. With 4Ddoors pit models with anchor brackets on the rear, notches indicate exactly the position and length of the optimum weld seam. The recess also ensures a flat surface and a smooth transition from the building floor when driving on the dock leveller. Depending on the version, the anchor bracket on the rear is supplied as standard or can be selected.

  • Building protection using steel buffers with absorptionClick for more...

    The forces that arise during docking can be huge. Steel buffers are much more resistant to wear and damage than rubber buffers. However, good absorption is also important, otherwise the building structure will be overloaded or the docking lorry damaged. Hörmann steel buffers SB 15 and SB 20 offer a good balance of long service life and absorption. Behind the 12-mm-thick steel plate, a special 8-chamber rubber buffer completely absorbs the docking forces and protects the building structure and vehicle.

  • Certified construction and lean designClick for more...

    4Ddoors loading houses meet all requirements regarding stability and safety with their narrow design. The LHP 2 version with double-skinned panels is suitable as standard for roof loads up to 3 kN/m². The frame construction is dimensioned according to Eurocode “Basis of structural design” as well as Eurocode 1 and 3 and certified according to EN 1090. As a structure, loading houses fall under the scope of the Construction Products Regulation. With standard compliant components, CE label and online declaration of performance, CE conformity can be verified at any time.

  • Sustainable loading with DOBO systemsClick for more...

    With 4Ddoors DOBO docking systems (docking before opening), the hall door and vehicle doors are only opened when it is really necessary. The lorry docks with closed vehicle doors. From the docking assistant, the dock shelter, and the dock leveller to the movable buffers, all components are optimally matched to each other. The DOBO system ensures hygienic transport and closed cold chains, reduces energy costs, prevents break-ins and offers advantages in customs clearance. DOBO systems can be implemented particularly easily with loading houses.

  • Extra height clearance for docked lorriesClick for more...

    Telescopic link arms offer the flap dock shelters an extra height clearance. These patented optional extras allow the entire front frame to move upwards. This is necessary if swap trailers lift during parking or if vehicles are raised when docking and then spring up during unloading. This prevents damages to the dock shelter, especially at the top edge. These optional extras can also be retrofitted on existing dock shelters.

  • Special solutions for parcel services and transit vansClick for more...

    The cushion dock seal BBS has been specially developed for small transport vehicles, e.g. for parcel delivery services. It consists of three foam-filled cushions, which ensure optimum sealing between the vehicle and the loading bay. The design has been optimised for Mercedes Sprinters and VW Crafters with high roof. The conical shape of the black cushions was adapted exactly to their shape, so that it fits the rear contours of the most common transit vans without creating a gap. The seal is also guaranteed for hinged doors with an opening angle of 180 and 270 degrees. Upon request, we also develop and manufacture further tailor-made solutions for other vehicle types.

  • Easy installation with combination controlClick for more...

    4Ddoors controls for industrial doors and dock levellers can be combined very well due to standardised housing sizes and the same cable sets. It is even easier to install a combination control 420 Si for hinged lip dock levellers or 420 Ti for telescopic lip dock levellers, as the door operation is already integrated. This means you can operate the dock leveller and the door operator WA 300 S4 for sectional doors or WA 300 R S4 for rolling shutters with only a compact control