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Entrance Door Operator

Entrance Door Operator

Barrier-free and hygienic door operation. The PortaMatic makes the ideal internal or entry door operator

Barrier-free working already plays an important role and will continue to gain importance in the future as we all adapt to ‘the new normal’. While physical distancing and limits in enclosed spaces will continue to play a role in everyday life, so too will the way we interact or touch everyday items around us. We have already seen this with protective screens on many customer service desks, and also how we enter buildings and shops.

At 4Ddoors, we have already seen this with many businesses asking potential customers or patients being told to wait at the door. However, with the PortaMatic, an internal or entry door operator, businesses can open a door for an individual from a safe distance through a remote, much like a garage door remote. Alternatively, a touch-free sensor pad can be installed with the PortaMatic door operator, allowing an individual to open a door with the wave of a hand.

The risk of infection among employees and patients is especially high on internal doors in doctors’ practices or doors in office buildings. With a non-contact switch, the PortaMatic door operator provides reliable protection from germs and bacteria, giving you a sense of security.

The PortaMatic adds incredible functional barrier-free benefits to any office or home, without the eye-sore of large commercial door openers. The automatic opener for entry doors or internal doors can be easily added to an existing door system, adding convenience, and reducing the risk of infection through contact.

With high safety and low-energy operation, the PortaMatic makes the ideal internal or entrance door operator

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