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Rolling Shutters

Rolling Shutters

Economical. Sturdy. Reliable.

The ingeniously design of the Hörmann Rolling Shutters provided by 4Ddoors, are available in aluminium and steel, they are doors that will prove themselves in daily use again and again. Available in four door system options, the Hörmann Rolling Shutters are ideally suited for a range of applications such as underground garages, commercial buildings, industrial warehouses and agriculture.

The Rolling Shutters are an industrial version of the standard roller garage door and can be custom made to the desired height and width required, with 4Ddoors able to assist with suggestions on optimally door automation required for high usage of Industrial and Commercial doors.

The 4Ddoors Rolling Shutters are a range of industrial roller garage door specifically suited to fit large openings and meet security requirements. The Industrial and Commercial Roller Shutters are available in four door finishes or styles, incorporate both double-skinned thermally insulated shutters and single-skinned shutters.

The Hörmann Rolling Shutters are available in four door system types:

  • SB Rolling Shutters - Suited for shopping centres, agriculture and warehouses with simple manual operation or convenient opening solutions for door openings up to 6000mm x 4500mm
  • TGT Rolling Shutters - Garage door solutions well suited for collective garages with wear free security technology and up to 300 door cycles per day
  • DD Rolling Shutters - A robust design that allows up to 12000mm x 9000mm that is an ideal choice for secure night locking of large openings.
  • Classic Rolling Shutters - Ideal for individual solutions for opening widths up to 30 metres, such as large industrial warehouses.

The Rolling Shutters varying door system options includes varying motors, maximum size ranges and safety features in addition to option add on features.

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Rolling Shutters


  • Decotherm SClick for more...
    Decotherm S

    The double-skinned and thermally insulated galvanised special steel makes these profiles especially resistant to damage caused by transport, fitting and operation. This door option is available either with or without colour coating. Maximum size range of 10000mm x 9000mm.

  • HR116 AClick for more...
    HR116 A

    The robust profile of this aluminium Rolling Shutter is double-skinned and thermally insulated, making it ideal for industrial halls with large structural openings. With the special texture of the Stucco-textured surface, minor damages to the door are hardly visible. The inner and outer face of the door are even with colour coating to choose. Maximum size range of 11750mm x 8000mm.

  • HR 120 AClick for more...
    HR 120 A

    The HR 120 A is constructed from aluminium and the bright-rolled version is the standard surface finish for this profile. The profile exterior of the aluminium coil-coated surface finish features a high-quality colour coating. Maximum size range of 11750mm x 8000mm.

  • HR 120 SClick for more...
    HR 120 S

    With the HR 120 S the profile is constructed of heavy-duty steel with a galvanised finish, allowing the door to withstand high loads. This option does not have optional colours available. Maximum size range of 11750mm x 8000mm.

  • HR 120 aeroClick for more...
    HR 120 aero

    This finely perforated profile permits the entry of adequate light and air while other contaminants such as dust, paper or leaves remain outside. The bright-rolled surface finish is particularly well-suited for simple applications without requirements to appearance. The exterior of the coil-coated surface finish features a high-quality colour coating. Maximum size range of 11750mm x 8000mm.

  • Innovative Tension Spring AssemblyClick for more...
    Innovative Tension Spring Assembly

    Available for SB and TGT style doors, the manual door opening, and closing is facilitated significantly by the tension spring assembly. For Rolling Shutters with an optional opening system the tension spring assembly reduces wear on the mechanical door elements and opening technology.