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The Block

Season 17 of The Block in Hampton, Melbourne.

4Ddoors is proud to be a part of the 17th season of The Block, seeing contestants take up new and exciting renovation firsts for The Block over the next 12 weeks. While The Block is taking place in a quiet cul-de-sac of Bronte Court in Melbourne’s bayside suburb of Hampton, the next 12 weeks will see the contestants overcome many challenges, and for the first time ever in The Block history, there are no house plans to guide them.

With no house plans for The Block contestants, they have free will to change the designs of their house within the limits of the floor plate concrete slab. This offers the contestants not only the opportunity to decide where the rooms go, but also the first season of The Block that has standalone houses with garages in the street view of the home. Previous seasons have seen garages that share a driveway at the rear of the property, but this year The Block has allowed the contestants to have complete choice of the design of their home and the garage doors.

4Ddoors consulted with the contestants on what their unique design was for their home, the buyers they are hoping to attract, as well what additional automation and safety features they would like to include. From there the 4Ddoors team were able to assist with recommendations of the type of garage door available through 4Ddoors that would best suit their style, as well as endless choices of colours, finishes and 4Ddoors access technology. Each House had a strong individual style, such as House 1 - Ronnie and Georgia selecting a Colourbond clad exterior and wanting a garage door that blended seamlessly into the façade. 4Ddoors offered the solution of a Custom Flush Mounted Tilt Door to achieve the finish. In comparison House 5 - Kirsty and Jesse decided on a Hamptons style home with a traditional finish and modern technology, achievable through the 4Ddoors Hamptons Sectional Door Collection that offers over 300,000 design possibilities due to it's extensive style options. The garage doors from 4Ddoors not only fulfilled the access/entry requirements set out by all of the contestants, but also added to the style of each home and the street appeal, allowing for a cohesive finish to these beautiful Melbourne bayside homes.

While each house on The Block has its own unique style, and every garage different in size, each garage door has to be individually made to the specifications of that property. By introducing the 4Ddoors team early in the planning and building process, the 4Ddoors Team can assist with the requirements needed for installation.

4Ddoors brings The Block the very best designed doors from around the world, with garage doors manufactured in Germany, America as well as right here in Melbourne.

With the consultations completed, the garage door styles finalised and ordered, the 4Ddoors team are excited to see the installation of each of the 5 garage doors and finished homes on The Block – Fans vs Favs 2021.

The Block
The Block