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The contemporary innovation of a roller garage door. Efficient. Stronger. Silent.

The 4Ddoors RollMatic Garage Door is the next evolution of the Roller Garage Door. In comparison to competing traditional roller garage doors, the Hörmann RollMatic Garage Door offers a modern and elegant smooth surface finish. Additionally, the use of wear-resistant materials reduces marks of the bearing rings on the top door curtain profiles, leaving a lasting high-quality finish.

The RollMatic Garage Door system can be fitted quickly and easily by a specialist 4Ddoors partner. The side guides, fascia panel and operator are bolted to the garage walls and lintel. The curtain is then pulled effortlessly onto the barrel by the operator and fixed via belts.

The 4Ddoors roller garage doors RollMatic can even withstand large wind loads (up to class 4). The wind locks fitted as standard in the profile ends keep the door securely within its guides. An additional advantage is increased burglar protection, offering further safety and security to any home.

The RollMatic Garage Door is by far the best roller garage door on the market, particularly for residential properties, and is available in two options:

  • RollMatic - A roller garage door system that is the best choice if you wish to keep the ceiling free. The garage door curtain winds up into a cylindrical shape either internally or externally of the garage wall. This allows the use of the ceiling for storage or lighting fixtures.
  • RollMatic OD - A garage door system well suited for particularly low headroom areas. The door curtain is guided under and level with the ceiling by narrow track guides. This option requires only 60mm of headroom and is exceptionally space saving.

See more incredible features in the Hörmann RollMatic Garage Door Brochure or below in the 'Features' section.

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  • Reliable and SafeClick for more...
    Reliable and Safe

    Convincing Technology

    The tested tension spring assembly supports the operator during the opening and closing of the door. This protects the operator mechanism and in case of an emergency, the door can be easily opened by hand. A crank handle is not necessary. Double cabling additionally protects the door from crashing to the floor.

    The special profile arrangement at the shaft guarantees a secure, break-in resistant locking. With this mechanism, it is practically impossible to push the curtain open.

    The patented multi-spring system and the transparent protective cover prevent broken springs from flying out and minimise the risk of personal injury to an individual.

  • Space-Saving Overhead Garage DoorClick for more...
    Space-Saving Overhead Garage Door

    Space-Saving overhead Garage Door

    For garages with a particularly low headroom, the overhead garage door option RollMatic OD is especially suitable. The door curtain is guided up and under the ceiling through narrow side guides. Due to the space-saving, lateral operator the RollMatic OD has a required headroom of only 60 mm.

  • Maintenance friendly and SilentClick for more...
    Maintenance friendly and Silent

    Operator included as standard

    The operator is located outside the shaft cover for trouble-free maintenance. The start and stop of the RollMatic door are particularly soft and silent, preserving the door. The spring compensation and reliable automatic cut-out render an additional closing edge safety device unnecessary. An internal push button and light are already integrated in the control housing.

  • Glazing Elements and Ventilation GrillesClick for more...
    Glazing Elements and Ventilation Grilles

    Glazing Elements

    Get more daylight in your garage with the addition of galzing elements to the Hörmann RollMatic Garage Door. The glazing elements with synthetic panes are arranged across the entire profile width. The number of elements depends on the respective door width. A maximum of ten panels or sections on the garage door profile can be fitted with glazing elements in each door.

    Ventilation Grilles

    Ventilation of your garage improves the room climate and prevents mould. Ventilation grilles are made of long-lasting plastic and arranged across the entire door width. Each door can be equipped with a maximum of ten panels or sections with ventilation elements.

  • Compact Roller Garage DoorClick for more...
    Compact Roller Garage Door

    Compact Roller Garage Door​

    The compact roller RollMatic is the best choice if the ceiling area of the garage should remain free. The door curtain compactly winds up into the lintel of the door opening, thus allowing you to use the ceiling for lamps or as an additional storage space. The RollMatic is also available as an external roller garage door for ideal situations with little internal side room