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Sectional Door

Sectional Door

German Design and Excellence. The perfect garage door to your dream home

4Ddoors is the exclusive distributor of Hörmann products to the Australian and New Zealand Market. Our partnership with Hörmann brings high quality and beautifully finished products, coupled with the most technologically advanced door systems available.

The 4Ddoors Insulated Sectional Garage Door is by far the best garage door on the market, particularly for residential properties. The Sectional Garage Door features a broad range of state-of-the-art features, with break-in-resistance, thermal insulation and of course, excellent German design. With incredible functional benefits, this sectional garage door also includes an extensive amount of panel designs, finishes and colours to choose from.

With further added options such as window designs or the new Duragrain Surface Finishes, you can customise the 4Ddoors Insulated Sectional Garage door to perfectly match a residential home of any style.

The German engineering and operation of the Sectional Garage doors allows you to maximise the drive through height and width of any garage opening, unlike any other garage door system in Australia. With the 4Ddoors Insulated Sectional Garage door, even the smallest garage openings can now have a contemporary sectional garage door!

See more incredible features in the Insulated Sectional Garage Door Brochure or below in the 'Features' section.

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  • A Harmonious Overall LookClick for more...
    A Harmonious Overall Look

    Even spacing and seamless section transitions for ribbed doors

    [ Door 1] 4Ddoors garage doors are distinguished by even, exact spacing of sections. The sections are shaped so that the transitions or joints between the panels are practically invisible when the door is closed, unlike other garage doors on the market.

    [ Door 2 ] This competitor's garage door shows irregular spacing of sections. The separate panels (shown as B and C) show uneven spacing due to different section heights coupled with visible section transitions on competitor doors. This gives the door an uneven look.

    To add to the overall appearance, a practical side door with an alignment matching the sectional garage doors is also available.

  • Matching AppearanceClick for more...
    Matching Appearance
    A harmonious overall appearance for all surface finishes

    The perfect appearance of a door is the result of many small details: For white doors and all surface finishes, the fascia panel [ 1 ] is always provided matching the door sections. This ensures that everything fits together. The side frames [ 2 ] are available with a white Woodgrain surface finish as standard. For sectional doors with the surface finishes Sandgrain, Silkgrain or Decograin, the frame coverings are optionally available in the surface finish of the door section. For Micrograin doors, the frame covering is provided with a smooth surface finish.

    Frame coverings in the same colour or style as the door section

    Coloured sectional doors and doors with Decograin surface finishes are also optionally available with frame coverings [ 2 ] that match the surface finish and colour or the style
    of the door sections. The fascia panels [ 1 ] for these doors always match the surface finish and colour or style of the door section.
  • Flush-Fitting Fascia PanelsClick for more...
    Flush-Fitting Fascia Panels
    Flush-Fitting Fascia Panels

    For LPU doors, a fascia panel is the most elegant solution for an invisible transition between the panel and door leaf. When the door is closed, the top door section is flush with the panel.
  • Duragrain FinishesClick for more...

    New Duragrain surfaces - 24 finishes available

    The 4Ddoors Duragrain finishes offer a huge range of unique finishes not see before in garage doors.

    Scratch-resistant Duragrain final coating with UV-resistant decor printing on the priming of the outside of the sections ensures a natural, colour fast decor appearance.

    Available colours are Concrete, Beige, Mocca, Grigio, Grigio Scuro, Rusty Steel, Bamboo, Burned Oak, Cherry, Nature Oak, Pine, Rusty Oak, Noce Sorrento Balsamico, Noce Sorrento (Plain), Sapele, Sheffield, Teak, Weathered Look, Terra Walnut, Colonial Walnut, White Brushed, White Oak, White Oiled Oak, Whitewashed Oak.

  • Long-term ProtectionClick for more...
    Long-term Protection
    Also resistant to waterlogging

    A non-brittle, 4 cm plastic frame shoe offers long-term protection against corrosion (even with waterlogging) that is unmatched by competitor solutions. The frame shoe completely covers the frame in the area susceptible to rust. Only this offers true long-term protection. Together with the door's bottom seal, the frame shoe makes a bottom edge that is visually appealing.
  • Efficient Thermal InsulationClick for more...
    Efficient Thermal Insulation

    With thermal break between the frame and the building structure

    A well-insulated garage door is always recommended when the garage and the home are directly connected. To further improve the already high insulation values, especially of its LPU sectional door, 4Ddoors has developed the ThermoFrame frame connection, a plastic profile that can be simply fitted together with the door frame.

    This creates a thermal break between the frame and the brickwork, improving thermal insulation by up to 15 %*. The optional ThermoFrame frame connection is available for all 4Ddoors sectional garage doors.

    * For a double-skinned sectional garage door LPU size 5000 × 2125 mm

  • Wicket Door - Practical SolutionsClick for more...
    Wicket Door - Practical Solutions
    Wicket door with trip-free threshold

    Wicket doors are recommended for easy passage into your garage. You can also retrieve bicycles or gardening equipment from your garage without opening the door.
    The stainless steel threshold is only 10 mm in the centre and 5 mm high at the sides. This makes it easier to wheel things through and reduces the risk of tripping up.
  • More SecurityClick for more...
    More Security

    Reliable protection with the anti-lift kit

    Uninvited guests barely stand a chance with 4Ddoors'automatic sectional doors. When the garage door is closed, the anti-lift kit automatically engages in the operator boom's stop, then locks immediately and is secured against forced opening. This door latching functions purely mechanically, and in contrast to competitor operators, continues to secure the door even when the power fails.